Want to know about the next UPSC examination dates and other information? Read the piece of information given below that will provide you with an insight into all the things that you need to know.

But first, let’s first get to know what is a UPSC examination and why is it conducted every year?

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UPSC Examinations

The Civil Services Examination (CSE) is a nationwide competitive examination in India. This examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for recruitment to various Civil Services of the Government of India. These could be various services like the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, and Indian Police Service.

This examination is also referred to as the UPSC examination & is conducted every year by the Government of India so that they could choose different candidates who are suitable for serving the nation. These papers are conducted in three phases – a preliminary examination consisting of two objective-type papers (General Studies Papers I and General Studies Papers II which is also popularly known as the Civil Service Aptitude Test or CSAT), and the main examination that consists of nine exams or conventional type.

So, this was all about UPSC. Now, let’s proceed further to know about the UPSC examination that is going to be held this year.

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Total Seats in UPSC 2021

The total number of seats for the UPSC examination this year is 712. UPSC released a notification for 712 vacancies this year. The notification was released on March 04, 2021, and the candidates can apply for these 712 vacancies till March 24. The IAS UPSC vacancies 2021 notification was delayed by almost three weeks this year. And the number of vacancies is a little less than what they were last year.

Now, let’s move on to know about the seat category for the year 2021.

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UPSC Seats 2021 Category Wise

The Union Public Service Commission has announced a total of 712 vacancies for the year 2021 which are to be filled through the Civil Services Examinations held every year.

The vacancies for people with disabilities have been released and are in the following categories:

  1. Blindness and low vision
  2. Deaf and hard of hearing
  3. Multiple disabilities from amongst persons under the clauses “a” to “c” including deaf-blindness

But in the year 2021, out of the 712 UPSC vacancies, 22 vacancies are for the Persons with Benchmark Disability Category:

  1. Five vacancies are for candidates with blindness and low vision.
  2. Six vacancies are for deaf and hard of hearing.
  3. Six vacancies are for people with locomotor disabilities like dwarfism, and muscular dystrophy.

Vacancies over the Past Few Years

These vacancies over the past few years have been given below:

UPSC Vacancy   Year
712 2021
796 2020
896 2019
782 2018
980 2017
1079 2016
1164 2015
1364 2014
1228 2013

Now, let’s move ahead to gather some more important information regarding the UPSC exam that is going to be held this year in 2021.

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UPSC Examination Dates 2021

The dates for the Civil Services Examinations for the year 2021 are as follows:

  1. This year the Preliminary exam is going to be held on June 27, 2021, i.e., on Saturday.
  2. And for the Mains examination for the year 2021, it is going to be held somewhere between September 17-22, this year.

So, what are you waiting for till now? Buckle up your belt and start practising hard, in fact super hard for the exam because there isn’t much time left for your exam now.

A little delay in your preparation or even a little procrastination could cost you an entire year. So, don’t waste even a single minute of this year now and start with your preparation/revision.

Let’s gather some more important information about this exam.

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Civil Services Examination (Preliminary) 2021

Given below is some important information regarding the UPSC CSE 2021 that you’re going to sit in to:

  • Date of Notification


  • Date of Commencement of Examination


  • Duration of Examination

One Day

  • Last Date for Receipt of Applications

24/03/2021 – 6:00pm

  • Date of Upload


  • Download Notification

Notice (1.6 MB) 

Now, let’s get to know some more information about our favourite exam.

How Many Vacancies are there in UPSC CSE 2021?

The UPSC CSE exam has a total of 712 vacancies for the year 2021. The notification for the exam was released somewhere around March 04 and for the candidates to fill the forms and apply for the exam; the dates are till March 24.

So, this was all about the UPSC examination that is going to be held this year.

Now, let’s move further to see how one can prepare while utilizing his/her time completely for the exam?

How to Prepare for the UPSC Examination?

There are 5 easy steps, to begin with, your preparation for this exam. These are:

  • Know the Exam Well

Before you start preparing for any exam, it is important to familiarize yourself with the course of the exam. Read through the notification of this exam and go through it carefully in order to acquaint yourself with the entire syllabus, the exam pattern, timeline, and eligibility criteria. Once you’ve done that, try picking up some previous year question papers to skim them in order to have an understanding of what is actually there in the examination. This will help you save a lot of time which you would have wasted otherwise. Now, begin with your preparation.

  • Strengthen Your Foundation

No matter what exam you’re studying for, understanding the basics of the exam is extremely important for you to crack it. So, before you pick up any other book for the preparation, let’s just start with reading NCERTs; they can be easily downloaded from the official site for free. Now that you have it, what are you waiting for? Read them at least twice before making notes and then read from the NCERT compilations.

  • Upgrade Your Knowledge

Once you are done with reading all the NCERTs, it’s time to expand your knowledge by reading those standard books meant for this exam. Read these books at least twice or maybe thrice for your preparation and prepare some handwritten notes yourself that can be used later for the answer-writing practice at the later stage! And, don’t forget to watch some youtube videos as they will help you to grasp all the information easily yet so skillfully.

  • Writing along with Revision

Once you’re done with reading and learning from the NCERT books and the standard ones; start practising answer-writing. Before reading the books, it’ll be difficult for you to start with your preparation for answer-writing. But at this stage, it is only going to help you more and more in your exam. Now, it’s also the time for revision, so keep your weekends free for your preparation and revision. And revise – REVISE! REVISE! REVISE! A LOT!

  • Mock-Tests

Just two months before your preliminary examinations, buckle up your belt and take out some of the mock-test papers for an amazing preparation. Take out some time from your schedule; sit in a room where there is no one to disturb you or talk to you and imagine that it’s your final examination. Now take out that mock-test paper or the sample paper that you took out from the internet. Set a time limit that should be exactly the same that you’ll be given in your exam and start with the exam. Once you’re done with the examination, match the answers and check out the parts where you’re lacking and start practising more on it. Brush up the concepts that you’ve missed till now! This is not only going to help you prepare well for your test paper but also will help you to learn time management and complete your exam on time when you’ll be giving the final attempt.


After all this reading, you must be aware of the dates and all the other information regarding the examination. Also, along with that, you got to learn some amazing ways to start preparing for your CSE papers. So, what are you waiting for?

Tighten your seat belts and get on a ride for scoring the best marks in this attempt. Don’t be negative about yourself; you’re doing amazing. And exactly what you’re required to do but if you feel there’s something missing; improve it because there’s always room for improvement!

We wish you “All the very best!” for your examination.

Hopefully, you have found this information useful and if you have any doubts or any questions, feel free to flood the comments section with all of them because we’re always ready to help you out.

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