This article is very important for all those who are dreaming to become an IAS because there are physical eligibility criteria where they check all the physical body requirements and one needs to be it for that, and one of the criteria is your maximum eye power. There is an eye check-up procedure and you have to pass the eye test for UPSC.

This article talks all about the requirements that an aspirant should know and the preparation tips about UPSC. Due to this pandemic, the world has greatly shifted towards the age of digitalization and that’s why online preparation is mostly prefered, so there are also some sources for the UPSC online preparation. Stay tuned till the end.

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What is the Maximum Eye Power Allowed for a UPSC CSE Aspirant?

The UPSC specifies some eligibility standard for healthy aspirants to be assigned for duty. There are some physical criteria for UPSC civil duties, particularly for the specialized duties namely, the Railway Protection Force (RPF), the Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS), Pondicherry Police Service (PONDIPS), the Indian Police Service (IPS) and Delhi Andaman and Nicobar Police Service (DANIPS) such as weight, chest, height, etc. But the additional non-technical duties don’t compel them and barely some fundamental appetites of physical fitness are necessary to be fulfilled by the aspirants.

Rule 21 of the Civil Services Examination Rules prescribed by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) says, “A candidate must be in good mental and bodily health and free from any physical defect likely to interfere with the discharge of his duties as an officer of the service.”

Medical Examination for IAS Officers

A medical examination is performed for all aspirants who appear for the UPSC personality examination in Delhi only at designated clinics.

Eye Test in UPSC

Aspirants should have adequate vision and should meet the eye test requirements. Modifications authorized are CL, spectacles and refractive surgery like LASIK, IOL,  ICL, etc. Those who retain myopia with macular degenerative alterations will be proclaimed unfit for duty in the IAS. People with a squint in the sights are eligible for service. Night blindness is also not a surface for aspirants to be proclaimed incapable.

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UPSC Preparation 

Some preparation tips for all the IAS aspirants and for the exam

Do Not Read any New Topic

Believe in your practice and speculate that whatever you have reviewed till date is the biggest you could have accomplished. Do not pick up a different subject to be experimented with just before the exam, there are small opportunities that you will memorize any subject you research at the final minute.

Solve Mock Test Papers

Deciphering mock examinations will help in improving enthusiasm. With 100 problems to be resolved in one hour, it comes to be significant to organise duration and at a similar period assure that the OMR sheet is shaded with the right answer. In order to improve enthusiasm and understand time surveillance, the promising thing to do is understand as different papers as probable.

Stay Positive and Believe in Your Preparation

Most of the aspirants neglect to clear the preliminary examination despite putting in a lot of heavy work in practice. This generally occurs because of the scarcity of belief in oneself and hostile self-talk.  Right before the assessment, it is important to tell yourself that you have formulated adequately and you cannot go around in time and research extra. Self-doubt and discouragement will not assist you in the test. It is nice to formulate for the awful, but it is equally significant to anticipate the nicest!

Revise! Revise! And Revise!

Prelims compel you to memorize a lot of validities and diagrams. The only path to memorizing all the significant points is to revise numerous times. It is exceptionally significant to comprehend that condensing will not function. You wish to comprehend the theme and go through numerous revisions to memorize the themes. So, a final few days before the test must entirely be devoted to practice.

Which Stream is Best for IAS after 10th? 

The Indian Boards offer at most three branches after your 10th is completed and the streams are mainly Commerce, Science and  Humanities and one has to choose between them but one who wants to become an IAS or sit for the civil examination what should he/she choose? This is the doubt of many candidates. But, one should know that UPSC doesn’t ask for anyone subject and can be attempted by anyone but still choosing a branch that helps in civil exam syllabus too can be a little doubtful and for that, we need proper preparation and is not based on which branch you choose. So right preparation and strategy can make you an IAS.

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Online Preparation 

UPSC Pathshala provides the best online coaching for the IAS aspirants.

UPSC Foundation Course

Foundation Course is for the UPSC candidates who are accepting the exam in 2022 or later, and wish to commence with the basics of the mandatory ability set expected for UPSC, pursued by strict practice.

English Target Year: 2022+

Prelims Crash Course 2021

Your best opportunity to crack Prelims 2021 with personalized practice.

English Target Year: 2021

Prelims Cum Mains Crash Course 2021

Your best opportunity to crack Prelims 2021 with personalized practice.

English Target Year: 2021

UPSC Inception Course

Inception lesson is for the candidates, who have practically a year left until the assessment and hope to jump into the deep practice straight off.

English Target Year: 2022

Indian Forest Service Program

The best class in India devoted to the practice of Indian Forest Services.

English Target Year: 2021

UPSC Pathshala Junior

Excellent UPSC Preparation agenda for beginners of class 6th to 10th.

English Target Year: 2025+

UPSC Hindi

India’s promising class to formulate you completely in Hindi Medium. The detailed content of the whole General Studies along with CSAT.

Hindi Target Year: 2021+

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Optional Subjects 


The Sociology course wraps both Paper 1 and 2 in tremendous circumstance and relevant Current Affairs themes to provide you with an additional edge and achieve the utmost. Test sequence with subjective examination is included.

English Target Year: 2021+


The geography course encloses both Paper 1 and 2 in enormous outlines and emphasizes building knowledge in composition and drawing optimal conclusions for ultimate achievement. Test sequence with personalized examination is included.

English Target Year: 2021+


Hoping this article was helpful and the preparation tips were helpful. One who is aspiring to be an IAS officer should meet the physical requirements like what was mentioned above the eye test. So one should always stay healthy, eat healthy green vegetables and fruits, do exercises and yoga to stay fit and healthy. To become an IAS officer one needs to dream big and also stay physically and mentally healthy and fit.

If any questions, doubts, suggestions or comments, please write them down in the comment section below.

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