Watching videos is much better than reading books.

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It is an established fact that people remember only 20% of the text on a page while the 80% is retained through the visuals. A Civil Services aspirant has to read 10-15 books in order to thoroughly prepare oneself for the exam, not to mention the magazines, newspapers and other content on the internet. This consumes a lot of time, which can be utilised elsewhere in a much better manner. Another time consuming thing is finding free content on the internet. To watch a video of 15 minutes, a person spends 30 minutes to find it, let it buffer, make notes from it and the process is repeated for another video. Unknowingly so, a student ands up wasting a lot of time cumulatively.
Time is one point, the next one is Money. One requires a substantial amount of money in order to prepare himself for the exam. Coaching classes don’t charge below a Lac in today’s time and they don’t even provide the books which are necessary. So, a student has to buy another Rs.4000-5000 worth of books in addition to the fees of the coaching class.
Even if a student is willing to pay, I can say confidently that good coaching classes are not found everywhere in India. An aspirant from somewhere in the interiors of India won’t have access to good coaching classes, or even quality books for that matter. Newspapers like The Hindu don’t make it to the remote interiors of India. This makes it all the more difficult for an aspirant to keep a track of Current Affairs, which forms an integral of the Civil Services Exam.
It is even expensive for a student who chooses to engage in self-study. Expensive because he will have to give twice or thrice as much time to studying from these books. Having said that, there is no guidance, no one to explain concepts, clear doubts, or motivate.
Videos, on the other hand, are the best solution to all these hassles in one’s preparation. Videos are less time consuming, damage-proof and cheaper than everything listed above.
We at UPSC Pathshala make high quality video content. Something which everyone can comprehend and learn from. We charge less than 25% of coaching classes, thus allowing an aspirants to cater to their other needs. All of this is put on a pen drive, thus enabling students to access the content sans internet.
Below is a list of the books for different subjects which an aspirant needs to buy should he choose to do self-study/coaching classes.
1. Polity: Indian Polity by M Laksmikant Price: Rs.400
2. History:
a) History of Modern India by Bipin Chandra. Price: Rs.240/-
b) India’s struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra. Price: Rs.300
c) History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra. Price: Rs.250
3. Geography:
a) Geography of India by Majid Hussain.  Price: Rs.450
b) Oxford School Atlas. Price: Rs.270
c) Certificate of Physical & Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong. Price: Rs.270
4. Economics:
a) Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh.  Price: Rs.420
b) Economic Survey of India.  Price: Rs.200
7. Culture:
a) India’s ancient past by R.S.Sharma.  Price: Rs.250
b) Facts of Indian Culture by Spectrum. Price: Rs.300
8. Indian Society: Social problems in India by Ram Ahuja.  Price: Rs.230
9. India Year Book. Price: Rs.200
10. CSAT Paper 2:
a) Analytical Reasoning by M.K.Pandey  Price: Rs.150
b) Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning by R.S.Aggarwal Price: Rs.400
11. Ethics, Aptitude & Integrity by M. Karthikeyan.  Price: Rs.240.

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