A very inspiring journey, which led Gayathri Krishnan to pursue her dreams for IAS. Her determination towards society, her willingness to serve society, her passion to score the UPSC rank. This led her towards her dreams and became an IAS. At the start, she knew this would be a tough journey, but then she had made up her mind and her endurance and perseverance made her achieve it.

This article talks about her biography, wiki, current posting, UPSC optional subject, UPSC rank and strategy that helped her to score. So, stay tuned till the end to know everything.

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IAS Gayathri Krishnan Biography 

B Gayathri Krishnan cleared UPSC in her first attempt and scored an AIR 433 in CSE 2011. She was then appointed as Sub Collector, Pollachi in the year 2013. She did her engineering from 2002 to 2006.

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IAS Gayathri Krishnan: UPSC Marksheet

The training marksheet of IAS Gayathri Krishnan is given below

Cadre Tamil Nadu
FC Written Total 106.17
FC Assessment Total 113.63
Phase 1 Written 248.00
Phase 1 Assessment 178.07
Phase 2 Assessment 173.10
Phase 2 District Training 174.74
UPSC Marks 1058.00
Final Total 2041.71
Final Rank 12

IAS Gayathri Krishnan: Current Posting 

IAS Gayathri Krishnan, who was first posted in Tamil Nadu in 2013 and after that she is presently the Joint Commissioner of Commercial Taxes (Enforcement), Coimbatore. After the transfer of IAS Rashmi Siddharth who was Joint Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Coimbatore, she took over the post and now is fully incharge.

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Strategy to become a Successful IAS like Gayathri Krishnan 

IAS Gayathri Krishnan was an engineering student so here are some tips for engineering students to crack UPSC.

Know it All!

Know everything about the UPSC CSE before you decide to move forward. One should check every small detail about the exam and its key components. Know the exam pattern, syllabus, how is the application process, the exam process, what happens after the results are declared, cutoffs of past years, what is the eligibility and exam criteria, marking scheme,etc.

Understand the patterns and look for the changes that have been done in the past years. Aspirants should read or watch news everyday and also the official site for everyday updates.

Syllabus and Scheduling

UPSC is divided into two theory exams- Prelims and Mains. Know everything about the syllabus and have the topics and subjects well researched and surveyed. Focus on the exam syllabus first, and then how you are going to study and complete it.

Create a timetable and see to it that your goals are met. While choosing the optional subject look out for options and then choose it. Choosing subjects wisely is always important. Then divide the subjects as per your interest to study and see to it that you complete the topics which you have marked for a week or a month. Always look out for past year question papers and practice them so that you can get a clear idea of the syllabus and then you can decide to schedule your preparation.

H4 Build Your Foundation

Now you have got a clear idea of what the exam is about and how it works, so now set your foundation, start from the basics of UPSC examination. To make your structure complex and strong, one needs to have a firm foundation so that the roof stands on it without falling.

Take a diary, make notes and create bullet points as to how you will be achieving that. When you write something down, it will help you remember it for a long time, so make no haste or everything will be a waste.

H4 Best Books and Newspapers

Well, the most prefered books for UPSC preparation are NCERT books. All the subjects which you choose will have the NCERT books and one should prepare from 9th class NCERT books. These are very effective and useful. Well, they are not for the art background but, you can rely on it for politics and economics, even maths, chemistry and physics.

Reading newspapers everyday should be a habit. One should set reminders everyday that they should read the newspaper. Without reading the newspaper, forget going to sleep. Read newspapers like The Times, Indian Express and The Hindu. Follow the news from time to time and always look out for authentic newspapers and journals.

H4 Choice of Optional

Selecting the optional subject is always a tough job, do you ever wonder why? The answer is simple, because we want to have the best results and that’s why choosing the optional subject might look simple but is a tough job. Well, choosing an optional subject of your interest, knowledge and topics which you are aware of is good. But, many people also choose technical subjects and here is the problem, when you sit to study and you are not in the mood, then technical subjects might not be your choice.

Prepare beforehand, if you are willing to appear for UPSC and make up your mind. See to it that you don’t regret your decision in the end.

Practice and Revise

Well perseverance is the key and practice is the lock. Open it and you will discode the UPSC exam. Keep practising, daily 6-8 hours of writing is needed and it should be done in a quiet place so that you can keep your focus high. After you think you have are ready for the exam, take a mock test first, you will know your mistakes, then again do it for 3-4 times, now you are aware and done with practicing and then go for the revision of topics, after the revision of topics, look out for high level mock tests and do as many as possible.

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The IAS examination is a quite huge challenge. Engineering students might have a tough one because they have no link to the social subjects. IAS Gayathri Krishnan, in spite of her choosing engineering cracked UPSC. There are many rank holders and she is one of them, making India proud. One should know that the number of engineers is growing every year by 20 percent in the UPSC exam.

One can tell that it is only possible when the aspirant has perseverance and focus to serve the society. Remember,  that nothing is impossible, if you have the determination to achieve it, you will do it no matter how many times you fail, stop or are pressured. Having regular practice, everyday motivation to get up and work hard, might make you achieve the world.

We are here to boost you up with our regular fresh articles and newsletters, so stay tuned to UPSC Pathshala. We are there to make your dream come true, are you willing to put in the effort?

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