UPSC is an exam that inculcates perseverance, passion, hard work, realism, and knowledge of different fields and sectors in the candidate. Everybody is ordinary but some extra efforts than others make you extraordinary and supreme. You have to be unbelievably dedicated towards your dreams and hold the potential of envisioning the rare.

If you are preparing for the UPSC exam, practising previous years question papers, giving focus on every important aspect with proper time management, and doing every possible effort of getting it then the only thing left for you is the experience from the one who has been in the same scenario, done mistakes, succeeded and now performing incredibly in his career.

This is foremostly the most important thing for you. We have written all the authentic information of the most amazing personality. Here is IraiAnbu’s IAS biography for you to know his life deeply and motivate yourself for it.

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Irai Anbu IAS Biodata

IAS IraiAnbu was born on 16th September 1963. He is a resident of a small village in Tamil Nadu called Salem. He comes from a middle-class family in Kattur which is a remote village. He has been born and brought up in an educated family and environment.

His parents have supported him in every way possible. He is among those lucky children who not only build dreams but achieve them wholeheartedly with the endless support of the family. His father’s name is Venkatachalam and his mother is known as Baby Saroja.

His full name is Dr. V. Irai Anbu. His whole life is driven by his aspirations. He has conquered all of his aims with the inside passion of himself. He has always focused on higher education and speaks for the same for all young people. He believes that you do not need to make plans but just follow the inner insights and dreams. This will bring you the utmost success in life.

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Life Journey

The kind heart IAS Irai Anbu is an IAS officer in the state of Tamil Nadu. He has been serving as a civil servant for the last 30 years of his life. He always talks about motivation and encouragement from within an individual. He believes that the fire in you brings you close to your desires. He has never stuck to one profession or thing but always strived to get everything he can achieve. He is a fabulous writer, columnist, an amazing teacher, a great orator, and a motivational speaker. He is among the most famous personalities in Tamil Nadu and India.

Along with pursuing his dreams and holding so many things simultaneously, he has served the nation with the zest of respect, diligence, hard work, and dedication. He works for the country in every possible way. The multi-talented personality always works day and night for the welfare of the nation. He has aimed for a purposeful and worthy life since his childhood and due to his unbreakable energy, he is living one.

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Irai Anbu’s Passion for Education

IAS IraiAnbu has always greatly emphasized education. He was passionate about getting maximum knowledge from his early school days. He has been an undergraduate in Bsc. Agriculture and later pursued post-graduation in four different disciplines. He was never confirmed to a certain thing rather tried to broaden the scope of his intellect. He was the university topper in Bsc. Ag. His brother Thiruppugazh is also a civil servant in Gujarat.

He was attracted to him. After the completion of his agriculture in 1984, he began his career as an agricultural officer in Dennakottai Taluk, Ranakottai in the Krishnagiri district. He has done his post-graduation as M.A in English, M.A in labour-management, Msc. in psychology, and MBA in Hindi.

Moreover, he did PhD in business administration and later did PhD in comparative literature with the topic, similarities in the works of Thiruvalluvar and Shakespeare. His life is a complete inspiration for all the young people to give a better tomorrow to the nation. He has shown that if you have patience and hard work you can attain all your destinations.

His Unbelievable IAS Voyage

Unbeatable IAS Irai Anbu has a stormy journey as an IAS officer. He got attracted to the civil service by watching his brother creating milestones. He is an IAS officer from the 1987 batch. In the first CSE held in 1987, he finished 15th which is the highest rank of Tamil Nadu. In his first civil service, he received the Indian Revenue Service and got trained as Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax.

He got UPSC rank 15th at all India level and first in Tamil Nadu by his unmatchable determination. His optional subject is not known. His training was accomplished at All Bahadur Shastri National Academy and he became Deputy Collector in the year 1990. After that, he served as the District Collector of Kanchipuram district from 1997 to 1999.

He has done amazing work while being designated as Deputy Collector of Nagapattinam division and also holds the charge in Cuddalore district. He has undergone many administrative reforms successfully.

Far Fledged Accomplishments

IraiAnbu IAS has served the republic nation as Joint Commissioner of Municipal Administration. He has worked in the areas for the upliftment of society. He has also worked on the post of Director of Information and Public Relations. This enthusiastic IAS officer has brought many changes in society by being the District Collector of Kanchipuram and Additional secretary of CM Secretariat. Moreover, he has been the Secretary of Information and Tourism. He is the epitome of perfection in every area. Recently, he has worked as a management centre, state’s Additional Chief Secretary/ Director, and training chief in a Tamil Nadu government.

He believes that wherever you are you must work with full zeal and capabilities to provide new ventures and betterment for the whole society. Earlier, he has worked as a principal secretary to the government of Tamil Nadu in the department of Environment and Forest and the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation.

He is not somebody who stops working and his current posting is as the Principal Secretary of the Department of Economics and Statistics. He has given his abilities and performances for making a better tomorrow.

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Awards and Achievements of IAS Irai Anbu

This unimaginable IAS officer has been a great orator, writer, columnist, and motivational speaker. He speaks in such an influential manner that people get connected to him and get a life lesson to follow their hearts. He has published around 100 books in Tamil as well as English. He has received the 1998 Best Collector’s Award for small savings collection and many more accolades.

He is currently 58 years old and has done incredible work throughout his life. He has received many awards for his capabilities and in the year 1998, he was honoured with a flag day collection award and in 2017, he received the title of Best Book for ‘ management in literature’. He was given the title, ‘ Praveen’ and ‘ Govidaha’ in Hindi and Sanskrit respectively. He is the one who not only motivates the people who are preparing for IAS but also the ones who want to get any worthy outcome from their lives.

Spectacular Works

IAS IraiAnbu is a kind-hearted and dedicated person in his life. He believes in the continuation of learning and knowledge and puts his best in whatever he states. He has done unending achievements in his life for everyone to learn exponentially. He gives lessons to all the young people with his amazing speaking skills. Along with receiving various reputed titles and awards, he has done a lot of work being on administrative posts. He is an Indian bureaucrat.

In January 1995, he coordinated the World Tamil Conference held in Thanjavur. He has written many books, newspaper and magazine articles. He has been successful in framing the positive minds of the youth. He has helped the villagers from Tsunami and built their houses along with donating 2 lakh rupees for installing a water purification system in a hostel for students in the year 2017. He is not just called great but has carried out the works in the direction which is awesome and unthinkable.

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If you have read about IraiAnbu family details and work areas in the article, you must have been motivated in doing the persuasion of your dreams through passion and determination. The main strategy of getting what you desire is the fire and energy that lies within you. You must flame it and start doing positive efforts in that direction. If you are an aspirant of CSE you should learn from such amazing personalities who have achieved great heights in their lives along with holding the responsibilities and duties of the welfare of the nation.

The words and experiences of these people are the frameworks for your destination. If you want to be successful in life and think that you deserve a zenith of achievements then find the best place for learning which is, indeed, UPSC Pathshala. It will give you support, learning, knowledge, and ways to enhance your skills. The professionals will help you with their guidance and by adding your passion to it, you will be able to rise.

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