Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is regarded as the honourable and most distinguished examination in India. It was started by the British Empire. This exam tests the overall mental, physical, emotional, and knowledgeable personality of the candidates. The preparation period for all the candidates is tough because of the range of questions that are asked in the exam.

Every candidate extends their horizon of vision and learning to grasp every bit of the fundamentals of every field. There is no end and premises of learning and this is the basic approach of this paper.

You must go through the article to know the new IT rules 2021. If you are the one who is going to handle and manage the administrative powers of the country then you need to be perfect in every sphere and must prove it in various tough and miserable situations. This gives strength and empowerment to yourself.

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New IT Rules for UPSC 

The central government of India has made different modifications and amendments in the IT Act 2000 regarding the present scenario. It is done under sections 69A (2), 79(2)(c), and 87. The provisions and guidelines have come out for intermediaries and the digital media ethics code.

#a. The new IT Rules aim to provide a robust complaint mechanism for the users of social media and over-the-top (OTT) platforms to address their grievances.

#b. They place special emphasis on the protection of women and children from sexual offences on social media.

#c. The new IT rules stress the point that online content publishers and social media intermediaries should follow the Constitution of the country and subject themselves to domestic laws.

#d. With these rules, India joins other international regimes that have provisions for digital media regulation and provides a comprehensive mechanism for the protection of digital media consumers.

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IT Rules and Regulations – Facts to Know for UPSC about the New IT Rules of 2021

According to new rules social media intermediaries are classified into two major sections:

#1. Social media intermediaries.

#2. Significant social media intermediaries.

The guidelines have given many implications in OTT platforms, news publishers, and grievance redressal mechanisms. You can go through the new IT rules 2021 PDF for knowing every detail of the new provisions. In India, the safe harbour provisions have been defined under Section 79 of the IT Act.

#1. Due diligence to be followed by intermediaries under the new rules.

#2. Mandatory grievance redressal mechanism.

#3. Ensuring online safety and dignity of users.

#4. Additional due diligence for significant social media intermediaries.

#5. Unlawful information removal.

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UPSC Preparation

This examination needs time and focuses on every part and area of society. It drives your whole concentration towards the presence of mind, unbelievable skills, all-rounder knowledge and information, and potential to manage mental dilemmas.

An aspirant grows capabilities to handle stress, failure, work under pressure, and develops tremendous dedication. When you start to handle stress exceptionally well then you rise like a diamond from just a piece of charcoal.

No one among all the candidates is lucky enough to crack the exam without hard work and determination. These two things make you perfect and better than others. There are a few techniques and points that you must focus on to excel in the civil services exam.

#1. Passion and Determination about Your Dreams

Passion is the most magnificent way of not distracting your mind from other things and keeps you goal-oriented, sticks to your dreams, and motivates you to work harder on your ambitions. In addition to passion and determination, the aspirant must hold the thread of patience because it brings calmness to your mind and gives you hope and strength for future challenges. This brings intellect and much more fluency in reading and studying.

 #2. Positive Outlook 

A positive approach is significant for civil service exam preparation. The journey of UPSC is truly exhausting if you have not cleared it in the first attempt then you start sinking into the thoughts of failure. But remember, not every opportunity brings success, some are for preparing you to reach it. If you will waste your opportunities in the negative aura then surely someone else is going to take it. You should be positive and dead set on the accomplishment of your dreams.

 #3. Having a Realistic, Relevant, and Positive Plan 

The plans and processes play a vital role in reaching the desired destination. The aspirant must have a clear objective with transparent plans. Any confusion or hindrances in plans will lead the aspirant’s mind in a confused state that will lead to failure. Your strong and focused plan will prepare you to have a sound mind and body and a balance in your mental health which is the ultimate key to being concentrated and achieving your goals. Your plans will make you a stronger person and will bring efficiency to your studies.

 #4. Eating and Sleeping Habits 

Eating and sleeping habits will make you a balanced person that will give wings to your aspirations because it is said that the knowledge gained is sent to temporary memory of your brain and 30% of it is sent to the permanent memory.

If you need this function to work effectively on you then you should get nutritional food along with an adequate amount of sound sleep. Less eating and sleeping also leads to irritation and exhaustion. You should have high energy and zeal to study well and achieve your ambition.

 #5. Contacting an Experienced Person 

The most common and effective way of sticking to your studies and aspirations is to be in contact with and guidance of someone who has gone through this journey because everything else is your perspective and outlook but the words and statements of that person are true, practical, and experienced.

It will give you analysis of your plans and processes and grow confidence along with bringing down your fear, stress, and anxiety. The exam brings confusion, problems, and troubles regarding written, interview, or medical tests. All of these things will be overcome when you will be under the guidance of an experienced person.

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UPSC examination is the toughest exam because of the high number of people participating in it along with the syllabus and marking criteria. It opens new doors for you to serve the nation. For the preparation, you must know every sector and area. Questions are not defined to come from any specific area rather the paper could have anything.

This broadens the scope of hardness in the examination. IT rules have been modified in 2021 which you must have a clear idea of. For enhancing your preparation levels and knowledge you must visit the UPSC Pathshala. There are various professionals of every field waiting to improve you in every sense so that you can reach your goals with calmness and ease.

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New IT Rules 2021: Facts to Know for UPSC about New Provisions, Patterns & Rules
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