CSE is the examination that is considered to be the most prestigious among all the other exams. Every candidate puts their whole efforts to crack this examination. This is conducted in 4 main parts which are Prelims, Mains, interview, and medical test. All these tests are done for the true and fair assessment of every candidate to be able to serve the nation perfectly with mind, heart, personality, and health. If you will lack in any of the major aspects then you will not be able to serve the country wholeheartedly.

To be top-notch and paid in the administrative positions of the country, you have to stand out from the crowd in every term. You must have a courageous soul and a determined heart. Every part of this exam needs precise knowledge and time management. You have to work on all the surfaces to be amazingly great. Are you a UPSC aspirant? Are you finding the stories of great IAS personalities to learn from them? Well, here is the destination for you. You must read this article to know about Lokesh Jangid’s biography.

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IAS Lokesh Jangid Wiki

This smart and reputed IAS officer belongs to Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He has been a person who is driven and forwarded by major ambitions in life. His father’s name is Ramachandra Jangid. His full name is Kumar Lokesh Jangid Ramachandra. He is a Brahmin, Hindu. He is an outspoken and fearless person in his life. He was raised in Bhopal. He believes that you need to be random and quick in life. You must not sit and think about what should be done rather do it. If you will not succeed you will get experience that is equally or even more important.

IAS Lokesh Jangid Early Life 

He has done his schooling in Bhopal. He used to be a good student in his school and wanted to do something that gives him reputation and worth in his life. He was not clear about coming to civil services. He completed his B.Tech in Computer Science. He has been a proactive person in life. He got placed in TCS in the year 2008. He worked there with full energy and excellence. Along with being mindful he is also smart and handsome. He inspires too many people across the country, especially young people. The true motivation of his life is that don’t go down by stress. Problems and hurdles come in everyone’s life but the one who overcomes all of it becomes a hero and who gets suppressed by it becomes a zero.

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Journey as an IAS Officer 

This esteemed and incredible IAS officer, Lokesh Jangid IAS batch is 2014. He has completed this journey in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He is presently 35 years old and working amazingly to uplift society. Anyone who will look at him will grow positive perspectives in life and bravery. He always says that stress comes in everyone’s life but you should work appropriately to make yourself calm and organized to do what you are desiring. Lokesh Jangid UPSC rank was 68th.

After being settled in a renowned company like TCS he did not stop. He came to Delhi for the preparation of UPSC. He worked hard to get a satisfactory score in the exam and emerged as a UPSC topper in 2014. His first posting was in Madhya Pradesh as SDM at Vijaypur in Sheopur district on 1 November 2016. A few months ago, he was posted in a Bhopal-based ministry where he has worked unbelievably in the direction of upgrading the system for the people.

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IAS Lokesh Jangid – Worthy Designations

This unimaginable IAS officer is a UPSC topper from Bhopal. He has been posted on many honourable designations and has shown his abilities in everything he has done. He has been into many controversies and problems but has come out of it positively. He has faced nine transfers in 54 months. His first posting was in Bhopal as a reputed SDM of Vijaypur. He is a Madhya Pradesh cadre IAS officer. He has served as Chief Executive Officer for the government of Madhya Pradesh for 3 years and 3 months in the Harda area Zila Panchayat. He has given the best of his abilities to secure the rights of the people and maintain peace in the location. He has been quite controversial ever since he joined the civil services. He has managed to handle everything he has been into with tranquillity and presence of mind.

Incredible Achievements

He has also served as the Deputy Secretary to the Urban development and housing department in Bhopal for 1 year. He has been posted here from April 2018 to March 2019. He has implemented many programs and schemes of the government to bring empowerment and urban development for all the citizens. This unutterable persona has been the Assistant Secretary to the government of India for 3 months. He has served on this post for 3 months from August 2016 to October 2016 to the Ministry of Panchayati Raj. He has also served as the Assistant Collector to the government of India for 1 year and 1 month in Bhopal. He joined it in June 2015 and left in June 2016.

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Lokesh Jangid Controversy

This fearless man was posted on the designation of Additional Collector to try Barwani district and his current posting is as Additional MP to State Education Center in Bhopal. He has been in great controversy when his WhatsApp chat was leaked on social media in which he was talking about his harassment and troubles. This WhatsApp chat belongs to Madhya Pradesh IAS Association. He has been removed from the group after this incident. This incident took place due to his several transfers on doing what was correct. He is quite a famous personality on social media platforms because of his looks, controversies, and hard work.

Lokesh Jangid’s Strategy

Lokesh Jangid’s strategy was to put his perspiration in his preparation for something that was destined to be his. He has been a person of high self-esteem and a passionate mind. He says that the true strategy is to not focus on making strategies but to work with full zeal and dedication towards the aims of life. It will bring success in your way.

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There is no better option for inspiration and motivation than listening to the mistakes, failures, and success stories of the people who have conquered the same issues and environment. Nobody is born perfect. You have to strive towards learning and making yourself perfect. If you are aspiring to be a serving person, you have to be more responsible and dedicated than the country folks. You have to ensure that you have all the capabilities of holding the laws and orders of the country and implement them to all the citizens.

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IAS Lokesh Jangid Wiki: Here is the Fearless Story of the IAS that You Must Know
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