Dinesh Chandra a PCS officer, who with his determination and hard work has achieved his designation as an IAS officer. PCS officers are selected by the state and central government after eight years of service. Dinesh Chandra has been a righteous officer and always helps society to grow. To become an IAS officer through PCS, one needs perseverance and also should work for their dream.

Becoming an IAS officer is not an easy job, dive into Dinesh Chandra’s biography and know his journey for obtaining his UPSC rank, which optional subject did he choose, his current posting and his strategy for UPSC. Also, know about how you can become an IAS officer through PCS. Read the full article to know everything.

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IAS Dinesh Chandra Biography 

Dinesh Chandra was born on 1st July 1966 and is from an agricultural background. He had always had an interest in agriculture and that’s why many of his works have been improving farming techniques, irrigation improvement and doing wellness for farmers. He did his MSC, in Allahabad. His optional subject in UPSC was Chemistry, as he is very fond of the subject. He cleared UPSC in 2012 and became an IAS officer in 2018.

IAS Dinesh Chandra Current Posting 

Name Shri Dr Dinesh Chandra
Identity No. Id No. 817033
Dt. of Appointment 05/11/2018
Source of Recruitment SCS
Date of Birth 01/07/1966
Cadre & Domicile Uttar Pradesh
Age 52 Years

Dinesh Chandra who is 53 years old is a 1997 batch PSC officer and then in 2018 was promoted as an IAS officer. He served as a civil service officer for 19 years and he held posts like Prayagraj in UP’s 16 districts in different capacities, city magistrate in Saharanpur, Meerut, additional commissioner, ADM(E). He was also the CDO of Aligarh which was in May 2017 before he was transferred as an IAS officer to Ghaziabad.

IAS Dinesh Chandra Works

Dinesh Chandra when he took the position of municipal officer of Ghaziabad told that his top emphasis will be to find an amicable treatment to dump the waste, without causing pollution. He said that the GMC has been facing civic problems in dumping the waste and no proper method has been taken to dump it, and so there are health and hygiene issues. He had also started the Garland waste to energy plant which will effectively dump the toxic and non-toxic waste so that there will be no pollution caused and also residents can live in proper health and hygiene conditions. He also supported the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and implemented it in Ghaziabad.

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How to Become an IAS Officer through PCS? – A Learning from IAS Dinesh Chandra Biography

The state and central government both sit together and the state government provides a list of the PCS officers, which they think can be promoted as IAS officers. There are a few vacancies for this and it should be submitted on 1st of January as the meeting will be held. According to Rule 9 of the recruitment rules, there are a specified number of seats.

Eligibility Criteria 

#There is a certain committee that provides a list of PCS officers and then the committee looks over to appoint PCS officers for the IAS promotion.

#The PCS officer should not have any charge sheet or case filed against him in the police station or court, during his/her time of service.

#The committee should do deep analysis and there is an age criteria which is 54 years, and no officer should be recommended above the age bar.

#It is also based on the PCS officer’s choice, he/she should be willing to become an IAS officer, if he/she is not willing then, the name will not be included.

#The committee that is appointed should thoroughly and without any mistakes should collect the record and go through the record.

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Here are some tips for the UPSC examination.

#Dinesh Kumar was a Hindi Language student and also he had a very infinite grip on Chemistry, so he said that while choosing the optional subject, one should have knowledge, grip and interest on the subject.

#He said that one needs perseverance for the examination. It is not a one-night thing and one needs to strive for it.

#Reading newspapers every day will help you in two ways, improving your language and also helping you gain knowledge.

#One needs to have a timetable for every day, looking at his/her progress.

#Time management is the key, so have weekly tests at the end of every week on whichever subject or topic you have completed and see to it you finish in time.

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Hopefully, this article was useful to you and has cleared all your doubts about how to become an IAS officer through PCS. IAS is a long and hard goal to achieve but, remember it is not impossible. It might be even asking you to tear yourself up and practise, but it is all worth it in the end. A respectable duty, which will help you to serve the country and its people. Dinesh Chandra has put this in his mind and strived hard so that he can bring an improvement to society. Remember, the duty is not for money or power, but it is a purely selfless act towards society. Only those who are selfless and have the determination to do something for society.

So, stay tuned and up for our latest articles, which will help you to score more, all the best for the exam.

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