The UPSC results are declared every year with a great buzz and an explosion of happiness. This year too the declaration of the CSE results has made the toppers receive huge media attention and show. The UPSC exam is conducted for different examinations every year to recruit the officers for the positions of IRS, IPS, IAS, and IFS.

The names of all the toppers and their interviews are flashing over the screen of our television nowadays along with the websites, digital platforms, newspapers, and youtube videos. The aspirants are attracted to the importance and visibility of the media and want to become one soon.

This is the prestige and power that come with the CSE. If you have a dream to become a civil servant, you should work hard and know the strategies applied by these toppers to enjoy success next year. Let’s view the journey and strategies of UPSC Shruti Sharma’s biography.

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UPSC Shruti Sharma Biography

Shruti Sharma’s age is 26 years. She has prepared for 10 months and the result is declared for everyone to see her performance. The UPSC organizes different examinations every year for the recruitment of various civil designations, CSE is especially popular among the exams as it provides opportunities for the candidates to be selected as IAS, IPS, IFS, IFoS, and many more. The results are declared in September 2021.

This year approximately 776 students cracked the exam. This officer has made everyone proud including her family members and near ones. It took here merely 10 months to achieve this miraculous rank. She has bagged UPSC rank 16 which is proof of her diligence and hard work. She has achieved this position in her first attempt. She is an inspiration for every candidate for the UPSC exam.

Shruti Sharma’s UPSC Journey

This unbelievable woman is a resident of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar. She has achieved this position after the preparation of 10 months. Shruti is the daughter of Dr. K N Sharma. Her father is a retired PAU professor. Her deeds and efforts are a shadow of his father’s upbringing and principles. Her mother’s name is Santosh Sharma. She is a school teacher.

The biggest achievement of Shruti’s life is her parents’ support, guidance, blessings, and uncountable learnings. This brave officer’s aim now is to be a “real” administrative officer. She wants to become an officer who can work without pressure from politicians.

She made up her mind to work positively for the people. She was sure to crack the exam. She said this to an interviewer. Her preparation level and hard work instilled the confidence in her mind to grab the position that she was dreaming of.

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Shruti Sharma Strategy

Shruti said in the interview,

“I was sure that I would clear the exam, but had no idea of getting such a high rank. One needs to get exposure to the outer world before preparing for the exam. I did the same after 2007 when I passed out with an electronics engineering degree from GNE in Ludhiana.”

This civil servant joined the college as a lecturer for a few months to explore the outside world and perspectives of people. It is rightly said that the one who stops working is the one who probably stops living. Shruti Sharma has also worked for WIPRO as a Project Engineer. She did the job for a month. When the interviewer asked her about the mantra of her success, she simply smiled and said that it is because she believes in her abilities, hard work, guidance, support from the family, and cheerful method of preparation.

Shruti Sharma UPSC Preparation

Well, we all are aware that this exam is the toughest and needs a high level of preparation to crack. This woman has achieved it in her first attempt. There must be great guidance, efforts, and preparation strategy. Right? Let’s listen to her to answer all the questions.

She started doing preparations for the CSE in the last quarter of the year. She joined coaching classes in Delhi for better guidance and an environment for studies. She dedicated this win to her parents and thanking them for guiding her, Shruti said: “My jobs helped understand things better. This exposure was needed. When I was doing engineering, it was clear in my mind that I will join administrative services.” The aspirants of this exam must learn beneficial things from this woman’s life.

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Shruti Sharma Tips for Future Aspirants

Every candidate makes some tips to achieve their target. These tips are made by the aspirants according to their strengths and weaknesses or way of studying. Shruti said that the essay paper requires a creative viewpoint and good approaches. The candidates must cultivate reading habits as they learn different perspectives and ideas from different books.

Also, the knowledge gained during the preparation time from the newspapers or GS information must be used in the writing paper to boost the chances of high scores. The language should be precise and top-notch. It doesn’t mean that you have to use flowery language laden with heavy words or phrases but it should be meaningful and catchy.

You must attend the mock interviews to get comfortable with the environment. Prelims are difficult to do you must cover the maximum information for this section of the examination. Be vigilant, read as much as you can, be consistent, and enjoy the phase.

Incredible Civil Servant

Shruti is a fearless and bold person since her teenage. She speaks in the favour of truth and reality. She doesn’t take the wrong favour for the sake of any benefit or support. When the interviewers asked her about the bureaucrats working under the clutches of politicians, she answered boldly, “As of now, I cannot comment on this because I am yet to join the system. Once I will be a part of it, I will be able to speak in a better manner. Moreover, I am not in the habit of giving speeches. I will show people my skill through my work.”

She is confident about becoming the “real” and “confident” officer. She emphasized managing stress. She said that stress should be controlled and managed because “once you overpower the same, learning becomes easy”. “One should set targets much ahead. This is what I did when I joined engineering. If the focus is clear, one need not wander here and there,”.

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Shruti Sharma Education Qualifications

Shruti is B.Tech in computer science. She has been a lecturer for a few months and then joined WIPRO as a Project Engineer. Her education and career have been greatly inspiring to the youth. Her date of birth is 26/04/1985. Her optional subjects were Public Administration and History  She is the pride of her parents and dear ones. She has managed to astonish everyone with her devotion and perseverance.

This is true that this exam brings a lot of challenges and stressful situations but many combats these vulnerability to find their way towards their dream. Shruti is one of those confident and courageous souls. She has maintained her ethical values, positivity, and tranquillity during her preparation phase. This is the reason for her victory in the first attempt. She has received congratulatory texts from around the nation.

Shruti Sharma UPSC Success

Success is the term of broader and wider horizons of the mind. Success becomes easy to passionate and active minds because of continuous efforts and long-term management. Shruti has worked judiciously on her aspiration. She left her job and prepared continuously for 1 year to reach her goal.

She is motivational to all the people not only for her preparation strategies and hard work but also for her decisive mind and wisdom. She opted for two optional subjects that complement each other to fetch high scores.

According to her, notes are beneficial to the people who like to go through a particular set of information at the end but notes were not prepared by her as she studied for every topic and concept in detail along with doing proper revisions.

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We hope that this article has immensely helped and motivated you to become the person of your dreams. The right efforts in the right way build success doors. This woman has made everyone proud by achieving the top rank. If you want to succeed in this exam, you have to reach the one-stop destination, UPSC Pathshala.

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