Unemployment in India is proving to be the worst state for the country. It is defined under many classifications but the impact of it is that it is leading the country towards lower GDP and low living standards. Unemployment is the state of actively seeking work but not finding any paid function. Rich people in India continue to grow towards richness and the poor turn out to be poorer. All these miserable situations must be placed in your mind along with the facts and statistics. This state is making the country regressive for the people who do not have money. Are you an aspirant searching for significant topics for the UPSC exam? If you are looking for an upsc essay, you have come to the right place because here is the essay on unemployment in India. Go through this article precisely and grab all the points.

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Essay on Unemployment in India

Unemployment is defined as the health of the economy of a country. It is a scenario when someone actively searches for work but does not get any paid job. The rate of unemployment in a country is measured by a certain formulation. The formula is: Unemployment rate = (Unemployed Workers / Total labour force) × 100. A national sample survey organization has been set up for calculating such situations in a country. This organization comes under MoSPI. MoSPI is abbreviated as Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. It calculates the unemployment rate in India under three major approaches. These approaches are written below.

#1. Daily Status Approach

The unemployment rate of the citizens of a country is determined by this process. The unemployment status of a person is measured for each day but in a reference of a week. This is done by noticing that if any person is having no gainful work even for one hour in a day, then the person will be described as unemployed for that day.

#2. Weekly Status Approach

This approach is used effectively for measuring the unemployment rate of a nation. This approach works for highlighting the record of few people who did not have gainful or paid work even for an hour of a day. This is also valid for the unemployed people for an hour on any day of the week. This proceeds the date of the survey. A single day in the entire week is determined by this approach.

#3. Usual Status Approach

This is the most common form of reporting the number of unemployed people in a country. The approach tests the estimates of those individuals who had no gainful work or were unemployed for a major time during the whole year i.e. 365 days. It is calculated for the whole year.

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Causes of Unemployment

Many causes are leading to the increment in the unemployment rates in India. The causes include the given points.

#1. Overpopulation is the most important cause of unemployment.

#2. Lack of education is also contributing largely to the unemployment rates. The status of ineffective educational structures,  no or low educational levels along with lesser vocational skills of the working population is a major cause.

#3. Bad quality infrastructure and inadequate growth of industries are a  cause along with very few investment rates in the sectors of manufacturing.

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Have a Look at Other Major Causes!

#1. Lower concentration towards the agriculture sector causing greater unemployment and low investment in modern agricultural technologies.

#2. The other cause is the division of the larger workforce. The workforce is working for informal functioning due to lack of education and henceforth employment measurements are less. For example, construction workers, domestic helpers, etc.

#3. The most influential cause is the regressive state of women in the country. The subservient and orthodox social norms are deteriorating women from continuing employment.

Unemployment in India Essay

The facts say that India’s unemployment rate in February 2021 was 6.9 percent. It is still very down but has turned out to be better than before considering its downfall from 7.8 percent in February 2020. It indicates that the country is returning to the pre COVID levels in terms of unemployment. The experts from the economic department say that the labour workforce was depressed even before the outbreak of the pandemic and the situation during COVID has made it worse. The Center for Monitoring Indian Economy has claimed that participation from the labour force and employment rates have remained low. This is the data that is indicating labour fallout from labour markets due to lack of jobs.

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People Losing Jobs!

The unemployment rate in India is touching heights because of people losing jobs. The people who had jobs are losing them due to lesser market evolution and functioning. In the metropolitan areas, people are degrading financially and losing jobs. CMIE recently claimed that the unemployment rate is dramatically rising. The post-lockdown era is marked by a noticeable drop of 2.5 percent in employment along with a drop of 6.2 percent in the count of unemployment

There has been a reduction of 2.8 percent in the labour force as well.

Types of Unemployment in India

There are different kinds of unemployment traced in India. Disguised unemployment refers to the state when more than the expected number of people are unemployed which is majorly seen in unorganized sectors and agriculture. Seasonal unemployment is a state of a person being seasonally unemployed. Structural unemployment is a factor that arises due to a lack of requisite skills for a certain organization. It is a mismatch between the individual and industry. Cyclical unemployment is something that arises due to recessions or declines in the economic conditions of the country. Vulnerable unemployment is a state where people are working without a definite income and job contact. Technological unemployment is something that occurs due to a lack of technology. It was stated by the World Bank in 2016 that 69% of jobs are threatened under this case.

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Impact of Unemployment

The impact of unemployment is detrimental to the people. It leads to the generation and growth of poverty. It also increases the crime rates of the nation because the young mind finds some illegal and unlawful things to do when they do not get a potential job. The people become enticed by antisocial elements and start losing faith in the democracy of India. Unemployed people who indulge in drugs and commit suicides that are a loss of resources to the nation. It is a way of decreasing and degrading the economy of the country and pushing it towards devastation.

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Initiatives by the Government of India

There are many initiatives taken by the government of India for the betterment of people and giving them employment. The initiative for the rural people was taken in 1980 as Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP). In 1979, one scheme was launched that was primarily concerned with self-employment and SC/ST people. It was named Training of Rural Youth for Self-Employment (TRYSEM). It gave employment to youth ranging from the age of 18 to 35. RSETI/RUDSETI was launched by the government to minimize the issues of unemployment. The other schemes include PMKVY, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana which was launched in 2015 to enable the youth towards learning industry skills and getting a potential job.

Schemes Launched by the Government

The most known scheme is MNREGA which stands for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. It came in 2005 for giving the right to work to all the citizens. The main aim of this scheme was to provide social security to the people for 100 days of paid work. It gave employment to many people across the nation. Start-Up India scheme and Stand Up India scheme came out in 2016 to uplift the people by developing an entrepreneurship environment for them and giving loan benefits to the SC/ST people and women respectively. The government has been making tremendous efforts to give employment to the youth and to turn the country into a larger economy and development.

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We hope that we have covered the essential points in this article. You must be aware of the problems faced by the country and should work appropriately to modify or upgrade the conditions. You must not read the articles for learning but you must enlighten your soul about the situations popping up before the citizens of the country.

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