Bagadi Gautham, who is an IAS by his profession, is doing his job exceptionally well since 8 December 2016. He believes that everyone can achieve their dreams with hard work and passion. He is from Andra Pradesh. He is an IAS officer from the 2009 batch.

He has failed in few attempts but never lost hope and ended up successfully achieving his desires. He is a true inspiration for all the candidates of UPSC.

UPSC exam makes all the aspirants pressurized and full of stress due to the high number of people participating in the examination. Everyone thinks to get their goals but it is not that easy. You have to put your mind and soul while preparing for it. Bagadi Gautham has been serving for so many years on different posts and areas. He wants to work maximum for the safeguard of all the citizens of the country. Want to know more about him? Read this article till the end to find out IAS Dr Bagadi Gautham Wiki.

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IAS Bagadi Gautham Wiki: Early Life

Bagadi Gautham was born on 1st July 1981 in Visalashinagar, Andra Pradesh. IAS Bagadi Gautham education started at ” St. Aloysius School ” and completed intermediate from BVK JR and college with Bi.PC group in the year 1996 – 1998.

He secured a seat in medicine at Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada. He has been a very motivated and aspirational child from his early childhood. Bagadi Gautham caste

is not known but he belongs to a tribal group. While doing medical learning from his college he started preparing for UPSC. He failed in two attempts and succeeded to clear CSE in his third attempt.

He got married on 14 February 2019, IAS officer Aswathi is his wife. He got 23 IAS rank in the UPSC examination. He says that dedication and proper planning is the key to success.

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IAS Bagadi’s IAS Journey

He was a self-centric and passionate person in his personal life. He believes in achieving his goals with orientation and an organized approach. He was successful in getting 23rd rank in the CSE. He joined service on 31st August 2009. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Panchayat in the Raichur district from 5th September.

His life and process are very inspiring for all the aspiring IAS candidates. He has been posted on different designations and his current posting is in Mysuru as deputy commissioner. He has experience of services in three different districts.

IAS Bagadi is conducting meetings with the district officials for the concerns of COVID and wants to make the area a pleasant and happy place for all the people.

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Learnings from IAS Bagadi’s Journey

IAS Gautham is a person of manners and ethics. He believes that everything could be gained by working in an organized and effective manner. He is someone who thinks that proper planning is the real key to success in any examination. He chose his optional subject as History and did judgement to it.

He is currently 37 years and has already achieved respect, power, position, and success just because of proper planning and time management. He brings all the candidates to learn stress management, goal orientation, learning mistakes, and strategy of the exam from him.

Approximately 8,00,000 candidates participate in this exam every year. You must practice hard for all the subjects and exams and have patience and positivity to get success in everything. The major techniques that every aspirant must instill and grow are written below.

#1. Continuous Learning 

You must work effectively to get maximum learning. If you have read something once that doesn’t mean you have gained every knowledge out of it. You have to grow your knowledge in every aspect to crack the UPSC exam. You must do proper revisions and time management for each subject and area. You can never think of stop learning or having the illusion of you know everything. IAS Bagadi is the deputy commissioner but still, he says that he learns new things every day. Every area has different fruitful learning that grows you as a person in life. You must strive hard to get experience in life that comes from continuous learning.

#2. Proper Planning

IAS Gautham has the basic motto of proper planning and orientation in his mind to get success. He believes that if you are organized you will do things stress-free and calmly and will be able to complete everything on time positively. You must inculcate the habit of first planning everything wisely and then starts over it. It gives you strength and motivation of learning and studying. If you are not well organized you will sink into the thoughts of negativity and anxiety. It will not prove good for your preparation. So, you must have a hold on yourself and do all the things with proper planning.

#3. Right Decisions

Right decisions will help you to succeed over everything in life. You must do the correct type of decisions according to your experience and will. It is believed that sound decisions taken with confidence are always imperative on the individuals. You must analyze the problem and see every aspect of it then decide it with mindfulness. This will not only bring success in the exam but also drives development in your personal life. You must focus on the type and magnitude of the decision you are making and also must see its future revelations. This will bring ultimate peace and esteem to your life.

#4. Plan B 

You must have a plan B while preparing for any exam, especially CSE. There is just a very thin line between confidence and overconfidence. You must prepare confidently for the examination but must not shift yourself into overconfidence by not thinking anything else but success. If you are passionate you must work hard on your dreams but luck is also something that comes sometimes. You must be prepared with a plan B to be able to succeed in life. This is an essential aspect of the preparation that most of the candidates don’t think about. You must get yourself ready with something positive to reach a good place in life.

#5. Determination 

It is the most magnificent thing to be approached while doing any certain thing in life. Determination brings stability and success to your life. You must have the determination to achieve your goals along with gaining potential. If you will not have the determination for attaining anything you will surely get the failure. You must be determined for your destination. Determination brings motivation, confidence, passion, and hard work for achieving something. UPSC exam has millions of candidates every year but the one who has maximum determination for getting success wins. Therefore, you must have the ability to develop determination for the paper and then start preparing for it.

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There is nothing better for an aspirant than to get experienced words and learnings from a person who has been in the same phase and has got the success. You must contact someone or read about someone who has been at the same time and scenario yourself. This is the most influential motivation that one can get. You will get inspired and motivated from within when you see someone succeeding over the same processes like yours. If you are in any confusion regarding the UPSC exam or if you want to prepare amazingly for this examination then you must visit UPSC Pathshala where you will get every opportunity to learn and grow your knowledge in every possible way. You will come to listen to the whole experience of the journey from the professionals that will make you stick towards your ambitions.

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