The UPSC aspirants who pave their path towards success are also people like, they are not different from us in any sense. But what makes them different from us is the fact that they have an endless spirit of working hard towards their dreams, sheer determination, and dedication to achieve their goals.

They might not be as famous as the other celebrities that we hear about each day but they are the REAL LIFE HEROES because they have their own struggles and a journey where they worked hard for years just to see the one dream getting fulfilled in front of them.

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Rachit Raj IAS – An Inspiring Story

Looking from the above, it might look like cracking a UPSC examination is just too easy to do. But is it actually so?

As listeners, we have always heard the inspiring stories of great UPSC aspirants who paved their path towards success by just working hard for their dreams. But now it’s time for us to move on that journey, work really hard for our dreams, for the scores to be achieved, for the ranks to be scored so that ours can be the next inspiring story.

But before that, let’s motivate ourselves by looking at the journey of IAS Rachit Raj who fulfilled his dreams by getting an All India Rank of three in the UPSC examination.

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Rachit Raj Biography

Rachit became an IAS in the year 2013 by getting an All India Rank of three in the UPSC examinations.

“After completing B.Tech in biotechnology at VIT University, I was awarded an Rs. 17 lakh scholarship from Mumbai International School of Business. But I declined the offer and started preparing for the UPSC instead.”

“I made sure I did smart studying and went for multiple revisions and maximum question practice. Within five to six months, I was able to keep up with the subjects.”

Rachit completed his engineering degree from the University of Vellore and after that, he decided to move forward in his life by preparing for the UPSC examinations, i.e., the Union Public Service Commission Examinations in order to be an IAS. He wanted to be an IAS and started his preparations by enrolling himself with coaching and he cleared the exam on the first attempt.

“My family has always been extremely supportive, both emotionally and financially and in every way possible.”

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Rachit Raj’s Preparation Strategy for the UPSC Papers

According to various sources and interviews, we got to know much about Rachit and how he carried on with his preparation. It was difficult for him to move forward in this journey but the one thing he indulged in was to never give up. He never gave up on his practice for the UPSC and studied extremely hard for this examination.

It was difficult for him as he was someone who came from a different background altogether. Initially, in his practice days, he felt demotivated for a long time seeing other aspirants discussing a lot of things about the different subjects that were there in the test. He was almost filled with negative thoughts but then decided to not give up and continue with his studies.

In an interview, he stated: “If you can feel motivated by the negative thoughts then life is all yours and success is yours but you will have to do this, in spite of it being tough, you will have to try it and never give up.”

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Rachit Raj IAS Rank

Rachit worked hard for his dreams and cleared the exam in his first attempt by achieving an All-India Rank of three in the UPSC Examination.

Someone coming from an engineering background and clearing the examination on the first attempt is something that seems unlikely but Rachit by doing this proved to the world that if you work hard for your dreams, you can achieve any heights in the future.

In an interview he stated:

“One should know everything about everything for this paper, and with patience and focus it becomes easier to attempt.”

Optional Subject Chosen by Rachit Raj

The optional subject chosen by Rachit was Zoology. He always found Environmental studies as an interesting and fascinating topic and therefore, when he was given a chance, he decided to move forward by choosing to have Zoology as his optional subject in the UPSC examinations.

It was easy for him to study this because he found this subject interesting and worked hard to achieve as much of a score as possible in the examination. He scored great marks in his optional papers by scoring a total of 133 and 139 overall.

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Rachit Raj Current Posting

Rachit Raj, the great UPSC topper who scored an AIR-3 in the examinations is currently posted in the state of Gujarat as the District Development Officer.

According to the CM dashboard, Rachit has been acknowledged as the “Best Performing IAS Officer of the year 2013.” He made the nation surprised by endeavouring to clear the examination in the first attempt and that too by scoring a rank as high as three. Clearing the UPSC exams is the dream of so many students in our country but Rachit by doing so set the standards really high for all of them and motivated them at the same time to work hard. Through his journey, he inspired people to never give up in life and circulated a message – a message that nothing in this world is difficult to achieve, once you have decided upon something, it’s all yours. All you need to do is work hard for it to remain yours.


After going through the journey of Rachit, we realised that it is not difficult to achieve your dreams in life. No matter how big or difficult your dream may look, it is not difficult for you to achieve it. All you need to do is work hard with sheer determination and an attitude to never give up, be it anything because success cannot come to you by just doing anything. So, in order to fulfil your dreams, you need to work extremely hard and you can achieve anything that you want in life.

Another great thing that we learned by looking at his journey was that it doesn’t matter what field were you in before you started working towards your dreams or how much knowledge you had, all that matters is an attitude of never giving up and working consistently for days months, and years to see your dream getting fulfilled in front of your eyes.

We really hope that Rachit’s journey must have motivated you for some really big things in life and with this, you must have gained a lot of knowledge. Further, if you want to know more, tell us in the comments section below.

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