Are you preparing for your UPSC examinations? Do you even want to appear in the next examinations to become an IAS or an IPS officer? Then, what could be perfect for you at this point other than going on a journey with us about the life of one of the seniors that can prove to be a real source of knowledge for you.

You could learn so many different yet important things thing from reading about their journey of never giving up, of working extra hard to clear these examinations, of dedication, determination, and overcoming all the obstacles that came their way to shine bright like a diamond in their life.

So, let’s read about the hard journey of Shweta Mishra who proved that it is always better to keep working hard until and unless you reach your goals and to not give up. Let’s just know all about her from her family background, to how she moved towards accomplishing her goals.

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Shweta Mishra IAS

Shweta Mishra is an IAS, who comes from the small town of Babudih, Dhanbad, Jharkhand. She became an IAS officer in recent years – this was her fourth attempt at the UPSC, which is also known as the Union Public Service Commission Examinations held every year for selection of various candidates to the different posts like IAS, IPS, as well as IFS officers.

She completed her schooling in the city of Dinobili CMRI. After that, she shifted to New Delhi for further studies. She pursued her graduation from the extremely famous and one of the best colleges in New Delhi, i.e., Lady Shri Ram College, which is a girl’s college, situated in New Delhi.

She was always extremely fond of studying which can be seen through the number of degrees she achieved before entering the field of UPSC. After completing her graduation, Shweta completed her law studies at the University of Delhi.

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Preparation Strategy of Shweta Mishra for the UPSC Examinations

Shweta studied extremely hard for these examinations. Though she could not manage to clear her papers in the very first or even the second attempt, but the one thing that all of us can learn from her is that she never gave up. She kept trying and ultimately, she made success touch her feet in the fourth attempt that she sat in.

Shweta started her preparations for these papers while she was pursuing her law degree from the University of Delhi. She was selected in the Ministry of Home Affairs but her dreams were even bigger than this. She continued her preparation throughout this journey that she was enjoying.

In an interview, she stated,

“I used to come back from my office in the evening, usually I went to sleep till eight or nine o’clock. My main goal was to wake up at around 3 or 4 in the morning so that I had enough time to study for my exams, and I used to study for at least 6 hours in the morning before reaching the office or getting ready for it.”

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Shweta Mishra Rank in the UPSC Papers for Becoming an IAS Officer

Shweta obtained an All India Rank of 376 in her examinations and this was her fourth attempt at her papers. Thus, she set criteria for every person out there and encouraged them to never give up until they reach a point where they have achieved their goals, thus making success touch their feet.

In an interview, Shweta stated,

“I didn’t have any proper offline study material with which I could study for my examinations, I achieved this goal without any coaching institute. In today’s time, if we see, a lot of preparation can be done with the help of the online material that is available over the internet, and just like that, I took extreme help from it. I used to read newspapers daily which benefitted me a lot.”

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Shweta Mishra Current Posting

Shweta Mishra, the IAS officer is currently posted as Inspector in Patna Office of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. She achieved this position all by her hard work and her dedication to never give up and the determination that forced her to give her best every single day.

Shweta Mishra Biography

Shweta’s father is a senior officer in the Kusunda area of BCCL. His name is Mithilesh Kumar Mishra. Shweta’s mother’s name is Mrs Sarita Mishra, and she is a housewife. Her younger brother is currently working in a company in Bangalore.

In another interview, she stated,

“I got full support from my home. And all the credit to my success goes to my father, he motivated me enough to help me reach where I am today.”

Further, she advised everyone through her words,

“I have the same request from all the parents in the world to never let their daughters not do what they want to do or stop them from studying if that’s what they want to do. Don’t encourage them into marrying someone instead teach them to be that someone everyone wants to marry. Never decrease their enthusiasm to achieve their goals in life. Encourage your daughters to stand on their own feet and not depend on anybody, be it their fathers, or even husband.”


After knowing all about Shweta’s journey, you might have taken a lot of inspiration from her, so what are you waiting for? Go, grab your books and prove your worth to the world.

Remember to just never give up!

Hopefully, this information must have helped you a lot and if you have any doubts, feel free to comment down below.

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