UPSC preparers often bother for notes but if you know how to make notes, then the study not only becomes easier but the chances of success also increase. Akash Tomar, an IPS officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre, has raised some such hopes. Akash Tomar IPS has offered to give his notes to those preparing for civil examinations.

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Akash Tomar Biography

All India 138 rank holder, Akash Tomar, a 2013 batch IPS officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre, has recently become a popular name among civil service candidates. Akash recently shared all his notes of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) 2012 exam on his social media accounts for the guidance of the preparing candidates. Along with this, from his experience of preparation, he also gave 7 important tips for the candidates. Akash believes that if any of the candidates can help with this contribution, then it will be a matter of happiness for him.

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IPS Akash Tomar Wiki Facts

#UPSC year- 2012

#Akash Tomar UPSC rank – 138

#Number of attempts- One

#Current posting – SSP Etawah in Uttar Pradesh.

#A resident of Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh.

#Primary education from Virendra Swaroop School in Kanpur.

#Scored 92 percent in the tenth and 90 percent in the twelfth.

#Did B.Tech from Allahabad despite being selected in IIT Roorkee.

#Family- His father is Satyapal Singh Tomar who also wanted to become an IPS but could not make his dream come true and became the Principal of LDV Inter College, Bulandshahr.

Akash Tomar Strategy

IPS Akash Tomar said “During my preparations, I used to ensure that a significant part of my day was spent reading at least two newspapers – The Hindu and Indian Express. It is an important process to read the newspaper and include the information given in it in the notes of various topics covered during your preparation. This will prove helpful in writing answers not only in the prelims but also in the Mains exam.”

IPS Akash says that it is important to cover it extensively while studying a single subject. He states “Learn how to weave a web of questions out of a single topic. It is not only for Mains and will aid in essay writing, but it will also aid in answering certain questions during the interview period.”

Below are some crucial factors mentioned by him.

Don’t Read Too Many Books

Akash added,

“It is preferable to invest in a large number of books and devote time to reading them than to read a single book many times. I used brief phrases to recall key points while taking notes. There are some typical sentences made up of a set of terms that keep popping up. It is easier to recall if you use abbreviations”. He also states that these abbreviations do not cause someone to make any common sense and merely serve to benefit the particular aspirant. During the revision time, this method comes in handy.

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Choose Your Optional Subject Smartly

When settling on an alternative paper, aspirants are often swayed by peer pressure or other external influences.

“It is critical that you choose your optional paper based on your standard of ease and knowledge,”

says Akash. Choose topics that are not common. Choosing a subject that interests him will help him learn more effectively and achieve higher grades on the test. Choosing alternate articles is a tough call, but make it as soon as possible.

Stay Away from Social Media 

Akash reveals how he had cut himself off from numerous social media sites a few months before the test. And in the absence of smartphones, he relied on a basic cell phone with just a few phone numbers.

“I didn’t want to spend my time and resources in some job that could distract me,” he says.

 Try Different Strategies to Memorize Easily

Akash reveals why he recalled specific subjects using a visualisation technique. “Using visualisation techniques helps, particularly in subjects like geography, where Jie has a lot of maps to read and remember,” says Akash. This young IPS discusses his decision to publish his notes. “Many people have asked me how I qualified for the civil service. So I decided to post my notes online so that aspirants could benefit from them”.

Make a Habit of Reading Newspapers

According to him, aspirants should aim to read at least two newspapers a day. ‘The Hindu’ and ‘Indian Express’ should also be on the list of newspapers. Newspapers’ extensive and up-to-date content efficiently expands the understanding of different essential areas of the globe. Students may do this to prepare notes about current events and other topics. These brief notes can be very useful for last-minute exam planning.

Explore Through the Vast Knowledge of a Topic

When preparing for the UPSC, it is critical to thoroughly cover all facets of an issue. IPS Akash creates a network of questions that are similar to one another for this reason.

This technique will help you prepare essays for the mains review and the interview point. Aspirants should use the internet to assist them with this, as there is a wealth of resources accessible on different websites in the virtual world.

Read a lot of Abbreviations

Akash explains that when taking notes, he stresses the use of abbreviations to prepare his notes. Abbreviations aid in recalling typical sentences that are equally relevant. It is not necessary to understand the logical sense of such abbreviations. During the revision process, though, these abbreviations are extremely helpful in recalling essential notes.

Akash Tomar Notes for UPSC

You must have wondered how a successful IPS or IAS officer has prepared from his UPSC exam and cracked it. Today is your lucky day. IPS Akash Tomar himself posted his vast UPSC notes all over social media.


Hopefully, you liked the surprise we had for you in this article. You can follow these strategies as well as our strategies from UPSC Pathshala to crack the UPSC exam in your next attempt. Download all the notes from the google drive that is provided by IPS Akash Tomar. We assure you that this will boost your preparation to the next level.

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