UPSC also known as Union Public Service Commission conducts various exams every year for different posts, CSE is among them. UPSC CSE is one of the most prestigious exams. Successful candidates are allocated among various civil service posts, among which IAS, IPS, IFS is the most popular choice.

Every year UPSC decides the rank until which candidates will be chosen for IAS, IPS, and so on. Most of the candidates get confused between IAS and IPS. In this article, we will look into an amazing civil servant, Rahul Hooda IAS who joined as IPS in 2012 and became an IPS officer in 2015.

Rahul Hooda Biography: IPS to IAS

Rahul Hooda is currently posted as Commissioner at Municipal Corporation, Karnal. He is an IAS officer of the 2014 UPSC CSE batch. Prior, he was an IPS officer of the Haryana cadre.

While he was recruited as an IPS officer in Haryana he continued his UPSC preparation. Finally, his hard work paid off and his rank shot from 113 to 60 AIR.

Family Background

Rahul’s hometown is in Sanghi village, Rohtak. His father’s name is Prem Singh Hooda. He is an IPS officer and appointed as ACP of Delhi Police.

His family shifted to Delhi due to his father’s transfer and therefore he was born in Delhi. His father played an important role in inspiring him to embark on his UPSC journey.

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Rahul gave his UPSC CSE in 2011 and secured rank 113th. He was appointed an IPS officer of the Haryana cadre. There he was posted as ASP in Ambala and Panchkula.

Rather than enjoying his achievement, he continued his preparation to improve his rank. He hoped to make it in as an IAS officer. After much hard work and dedication his effort paid off and he was able to increase his rank dramatically from 113rd to 60th in 2014.


In 2014, he sat for his UPSC exam with a strong will to become an IAS officer. His hard work finally paid off and he was able to secure 60th rank over India. The excited cadre claimed that his experience as an IPS officer will help him to become a good IAS officer.


Here are the scores of Rahul Hooda, 2014 CSE.

Name Mains Interview Total
Rahul Hooda 772 193 965

Optional Subject

Optional Subject is unknown.

Success Mantra

Here are some strategies that helped Rahul in his success. You can also follow them for your success.

Family Support

According to Rahul,  his family played a big role in motivating him throughout the process. They played a significant role in helping him to improve his rank and make it as an IAS officer.

UPSC is a long and tiring journey. A candidate has to face criticism, hardships and challenges throughout the process. Only those who are successful can overcome these challenges and stay motivated all along.

Family plays an important role as they are the closest to us and therefore they can help us to stay positive all alone.

Learn from Past

Rahul has prior experience in UPSC preparation. In 2012 he cleared UPSC and secured 113th rank all around India. But he wanted to improve his rank and become an IAS officer. Therefore he took measures to resolve past obstacles. He made a proper timetable to improve his scores.

Moreover, Rahul claimed that his experience as an IPS officer will help him with his journey as an IAS officer.


One has to be dedicated towards their goal to be able to achieve it. First, you should be clear about your reasons why you want to become a civil servant, then dedicate yourself fully towards it.


Try to stay motivated throughout the journey for better efficiency. Whenever there is doubt, you can seek help from your parents, siblings, friends or teachers. They will be able to motivate you.

Often candidates take the help of books, motivational videos or look over your role model.

Time Management

Rahul was appointed and worked as ASP when he was preparing for UPSC. But he still was able to clear UPSC with a better rank. This was only possible because of proper time management and better allocation. He displayed the best example of work-life balance. He is aspiring for everyone who is in doubt if they should do a job while preparing or not.


A proper timetable can help you to stay efficient as much as possible. Timetable played an important role to help Rahul sir with time management.


Everyone should begin with studying the basics. Once basic subjects like history, Political Science, geography, Economics, etc are done you can easily manage your time while working also.

Writing Answer

Mains is all about how you present your answers. Therefore practice writing questions will have a great impact on your score. The invigilator will give you marks according to what you write.

Current Affairs

Current Affairs is an integral part of UPSC. Every year its importance is increasing and the number of questions is increasing. Current affairs will help with every stage of UPSC.

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Rahul Hooda married twice. He first married Manisha Chaudhary, IPS 2011. She was a cadre of Haryana and UPSC 2011 batch candidate.

Later they both filed for divorce mutually. Then he married Neha. She was herself an IAS officer of UPSC batch-2014.

National Urban Development Summit 2020

Rahul Hooda attended the summit as an Assistant Commissioner, Municipal Corporation. According to him, officers usually get busy with their work but through this summit, they will learn about different innovative ideas to implement in their State.

In an interview, he said about challenges he faced as an ADC at Municipal Corporation, Rewari:

# Unpatterned growth of slum areas

An increase in population and migration leads to an increase in the growth of slum areas. This was contributing to traffic problems. Therefore they had to relocate many houses and plazas for road expansion.

# Traffic overcrowding

People used to commute from Delhi to rural areas. But they were inclined to purchase their car due to the heavy commuting cost. Therefore, he started an electric bus service. These were cost efficient and eco friendly.

# He is also trying to address other issues like global warming, the education sector, etc.

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Latest Update

In June 2020, Rahul Hooda was transferred to Karnal as a Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Karnal.


The journey of Rahul Hooda is an Inspiration one. He is a great example of how a person can achieve his UPSC dream while working. He was appointed as Assistant Commissioner of Police, yet we managed to give time to his UPSC preparation.

He is a great example of work-life balance and how a person can achieve any task if he is dedicated and ready to do hard work for it.

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